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Glenelly Estate Wines Glass Collection Syrah 2017

Glenelly Estate Wines Glass Collection Syrah 2017

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Glenelly Estate Wines 

Glass Collection Syrah 2017

Glenelly Estate wines are situated just on the eastern edge of Stellenbosch. The owners of Glenelly also own a little Chateau in Bordeaux called Pichon Comtesse. No biggie! I think that speaks volumes for the confidence in the terroir of South Africa. I love this and hope everyone can be as supportive of the wine community in South Africa. 

Syrah, Shiraz is the same grape. Let's not complicate this. You are still going to get those hints of white pepper, cinnamon and dark fruits. Someone described that they got bacon on the palate, I am going to ask everyone I share this with if they get bacon. If you do, let us know. Single variety Merlot aged in French oak for 12 months. 

Neal Martin an expert of Bordeaux wines said this about Glenelly - "For under $25 per bottle, one has to ask why you would bother with Bordeaux?" In addition, Tim Atkins awarded this wine 91 points. 


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