South African Red Wine Catherine Marshall Pinot Noir on Sandstone

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Catherine Marshall Wines - Pinot Noir on Sandstone Soil 2019

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Catherine Marshall Wines

Catherine Marshall has gained considerable experience in the US and Bordeaux. She bottles mainly Pinot Noir but is expanding into the Chenin, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot and Cabernet. Sandstone you ask? Basically a well-drained soil that retains heat and this can lead to wines with lower tannins and a softer more elegant wine. Some people have described this wine as fine and perfumed. It all seems to add up. 

The back label talks of layers of pomegranate, cranberries and black cherries, so there is an abundance of fruit there, but expect a lighter more elegant wine. 

Note from GB: "The most memorable wine I have ever tasted was a Pinot Noir, and a long way from the most expensive I have tasted. I won't say which wine it was but am always excited to try a new Pinot - hurriedly looking for that corkscrew!"