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Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer 2018

Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer 2018

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Blanc de Mer 2018

Grapes: A blend of Riesling, Viognier, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc.

Style: A light off-dry refreshing wine

Region: Hemel and Aarde Valley

This wine is an interesting blend from the fact that it is Riesling dominated (65%) and not many leave out Chenin Blanc, let alone blend Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. This gives you a wine that is bursting with fresh fruit like pineapple and apricots along with a super fresh floral nose, but a subtle nutty richness that balances it all out. It’s an elegant aperitif wine, or if its super sunny and you want the ultimate refreshing easy drinking wine, choose this.

As the name suggest this wine pairs perfectly with seafood and sushi, as well as something like a Thai red prawn curry.

Bouchard Finlayson was formed in 1989 by Paul Bouchard and Peter Finlayson. Paul Bouchard was a well know winemaker in Burgundy you will recognise his other wines by their prolific names like Gevrey Chambertin, Pommard and Musigny to name a few. These of course are produced under very different regulations and systems similar to a communal wine classification. Here in Walker Bay I am sure Mr Bouchard would have relished the opportunity to create his own wine from his own parcels of land. The nod to Burgundy continues in the style of the vine management and also the flagship wine “Tete de Cuvee”, an old term that was used in Burgundy which referred to the best of the best blend from the best vineyards. These are now called Grand Cru vineyards.

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