Q: Why do we charge £7.50 for delivery?

A: We do not ask for a minimum order, but we do need to charge delivery on orders below £120.

All orders over £120 are free of delivery charge.

We have considered factors that include delivering age restricted products, delivering glass, speed of delivery and the ease at which you can access the tracking information.

The delivery service we use is the best we know of.


Q: Why are the prices of the products so much more than what we can buy them for in Africa?

A: The simple answer is the process and the miles the products cover to get to your door.

BFA Buys from supplier * products get delivered to a warehouse in Cape Town * container packed with thermal lining to protect products against extreme temperatures * container shipped to UK * Duties and tax’s * transport from UK port to warehouse * warehouse storage * stock insurance throughout * marketing * courier costs to your door.

Every one of these process’s has a significant impact on price and when BFA are fortunate enough to secure savings, we pass it straight on to customers.

Other services

Q: Do you offer a gift wrap service?

A: We can offer a gift box to be included in the item you are purchasing. Drop us an e-mail at dannon.cook@brandsfromafrica.co.uk and we will get back to you within 24hours. 

Q: Do you offer a corporate gifting service?

A: Yes. Investec UK and Growthdeck are two business that use our corporate gifting service successfully.

There are numerous pitfalls when addressing large multi destination dispatches in a tight time frame, but this can be done. Please feel free to drop Dannon an e-mail on dannon.cook@brandsfromafrica.co.uk and mark the subject “Corporate Gifts”. I will make sure I get back to you within 24 hours.