Bank Holiday Special 6 Bottle White Case offer

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Bank Holiday Special 6 Bottle White Case offer

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Six Bottle White Wine Case Offer

Looking for something to take to a friend's, or maybe something to recommend for that garden party, let us take care of it. 

A selection of some of South Africa's best value wines - 5 different Sauvignon Blanc wines and an award-winning unwooded Chenin Blanc for contrast. This is a mix of dry to off-dry whites that should have something for every palette. 

Warwick First Lady Sauvignon Blanc 2019: The name suggest it may have been named after America's First Lady, but no, it was named after Norma Ratcliffe, the First Lady winemaker in the Cape. This wine is famous for it's wines particularly in the US and in South Africa with its beautiful picnic setting at the vineyard.

Raats Unwooded Chenin Blanc 2019: This wine is all about freshness. The unwooded Chenin Blanc shows distinctive yellow apple, kiwi fruit and pineapple core, alongside notes of green melon and limes.

Backsberg Savignon Blanc 2019This wine is full of fresh tropical fruit like melon and passion fruit. It has a good acidity which adds to the freshness. This is a great drink now and enjoy now fresh summer garden wine. 

Waterford Pecan Stream Sauvignon Blanc 2019: This wine is a softer Sauvignon Bland that gives you flavours of granadilla, pear and guava. When reading the tasting notes there are many mentions of fresh-cut grass, so you can be assured it will be a great refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. 

DMZ Sauvignon Blanc 2019: This is a dry white wine with more mineral character. If you wanted to compare this to the DMZ Chenin, this has less sugar but similar acidity. They describe some character of nettles with passion fruit and citrus. It is a good representation of a dry Sauvignon, but not fully tart. 

Rustenberg Wild ferment Sauvignon Blanc 2019: When drinking this wine expect those well-recognised Sauvignon Blanc characteristics like melon, peach and gooseberry to be slightly more rounded and rick giving hints of pineapple and passion fruit.